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In support of the celebration of the National Book Month slated in November, the IMC/Library hold its institutional event BOOK FAIR 2023. The primary objective of the Book Fair is to promote and support the academic aspect of our educational institution while fostering a love for reading and literature among our students. Additionally, the library is committed to providing  our students, faculty, and community members with access to a wide variety of books that will not only enrich their academic knowledge but also contribute to their personal growth and development.

This year’s book fair features an exhibit of a variety of latest books and learning materials from different publishers and bookstores. It also displays discounted books such as storybooks, bible stories, graphic novels, teaching references and others. This will also give our teachers and administrator’s an opportunity to choose the instructional materials that they need in teaching the different subject areas covered by our curriculum and update them with the latest trends in literature and publishing industry.  This Book Fair serves as a fundraiser for the school to improve library collection and services. 

The objectives of this event are:

  • Encourage reading among people of all ages by providing access to diverse books. 

  • Promote total awareness of the latest booksellers and motivate them to enhance their reading abilities by allowing them to choose the books they would like to read.

  • Help students become successful readers and let them enjoy creative ways of learning through their love for reading through storytelling, comic reading, and creative workshops.

  • Develop camaraderie with other students by joining class activities and contests and

  • Generate revenue to fund educational and cultural programs of the library.

Take a glimpse on some of the happenings during the Book Fair:

To officially open the IMC Book Fair, 2023 at the Grade School Department, the GS librarian together with Master Dela Fuente of 6 Responsibility promote the said event, and were joined by a famous book character, Geronimo Stilton.

Master Selga of Grade 9 - Bl. Mark of Aviano, one of the Junior High School Library Model Readers encourages the students to visit the Book Fair during their health breaks.

Students are excited to see displays of books in various genres as well as some educational materials such as board and word games.

photo credits: Ms. Aven (GS Teacher), Mrs. Lumabi (SHS librarian) and Mr. Atencia (Library Assistant)

Teacher and librarians show their brightest smiles as they poses using the Dr. Seuss photobooth frame.

From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere. - Dr. Seuss

And since fun is everywhere, we prepared exciting library activities for you this coming months! We hope for your full support and active participation for the success of our Book Month Celebration.

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