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NBC 2021-2022

This Academic Year 2021-2022, the Christian Living Values Education, English Areas, IMC/Library, and Social Action launched last October 11 the joint academic month celebration for the Month of October and November with the theme: Exceed: Integrating our Catholic Heritage and Capuchin Identity through Effective Communication with God and Neighbor in the Better Normal.”


As part of this celebration, the LSM IMC  will celebrate National Book Month in November 2021 with the theme :  Developing Effective Reading and Literacy Skills Towards Forming Young Gentlemen of Excellence, Character, Holiness, and Service.  This is the way of the IMC/Library in promoting reading and appreciating the importance of books in developing information and literacy skills among our students, teachers, and members of the school community.  

NBC 2022-2023

Lourdesian Reading & Literacy Week

Theme: “IMC : INFORM.MANAGE.CONNECT : Manifesting Lourdesians’ Resilience and Uprear in Promoting Reading and Literacy towards Excellence.”

NBC 2023-2024

This academic year, 2023-2024, the Instructional Media Center organized activities and events to instill the love of books and reading in celebration of the academic month with the theme “Revving Up: Embracing Challenges and Innovations on Emerging Communication Trends in the light of Marian Spirituality, Holiness and Excellence”. Through the following fun – activities, our students, faculty, and other community members will be exposed to new books, different authors, a variety of resources that they will enjoy and a great way to encourage them to spend more time reading and become information literate.  


In support of the celebration of the National Book Month slated in November, the IMC/Library will hold its institutional event BOOK FAIR 2023. The primary objective of our Book Fair is to promote and support the academic aspect of our educational institution while fostering a love for reading and literature among our students. Additionally, the library is committed to providing  our students, faculty, and community members with access to a wide variety of books that will not only enrich their academic knowledge but also contribute to their personal growth and development.

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