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Book Loan Procedures



     1. Printed library books from our collection can be borrowed for home use. Each student can check out three (3) and five (5) books for a duration of one (1) month.

     2. Go to our library website, and click our SRC collection list to see the available books that you can borrow. Kindly take note of the title and author of the book you want to borrow.


     3. Click the BOOK LOAN FORM button, and fill out the form by typing the title/s of your chosen book/s.


     4. Wait for the librarian’s email confirmation about the availability of the book/s, schedule of pick-up, and due date.


     5. Pick up or book delivery service may be arranged to get your borrowed books. - For Pick up, kindly ask our Lobby Guard on duty with your son’s name together with the books and affix your signature on the printed copy of the form. - For book delivery, you may book or arrange with your preferred courier/delivery service to get the book/s. Kindly inform your chosen courier service of your son’s name to our Lobby Guard on duty. (Please take note that all books are disinfected using our UV Ray Light Sanitizer before circulation)

     6. Answer the Reader’s Satisfaction Evaluation form to evaluate our library service.


May request for library materials using our online ASK YOUR LIBRARIAN: Research Inquiry Form (please see link from our website).  Kindly wait for an email notification confirming the availability of materials that you requested. 

For any questions or inquiries, please feel free to email us at

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