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Poemsia : a novel by Lang Leav

Poemsia : a novel by Lang Leav

Verity Wolf dreams of being a poet—not that she’d ever admit it to anyone. Her best friend Jess thinks she’s definitely got what it takes, while her cat, Zorro is characteristically indifferent. As for the cute boy she’s just met, he’s about to discover her best kept secret.

When Verity stumbles on an old, mysterious book, Poemsia, she finds herself suddenly thrust into the dizzying world of social media stardom, where poets are the new rock stars and fame is sometimes just a click away.

  • Borrowing of Books


    For this Academic Year, you can still borrow books from our library.

    1. We will allow your parents/guardians to borrow books for you.

    2. You can search your prefered book title/s on our OPAC.

    3. Tell your parents/guardians to email us at to schedule their library visit. 

    For more updates about the library, please visit our social media account.

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