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LOURDESIAN READING CHAMPION DAY : A Celebration of Reading Achievement and Fun Book Activities

Each class will have LOURDESIAN READING CHAMPION DAY, a scheduled RTC in their English period on November 8-12, 2021. This will be facilitated by the librarians in coordination with their English Teachers.

This activity also showcases the reading achievements and skills of Lourdesians through different fun book promotion activities such as Book Character Coloring, Bookmark Making, Book Cover Design, Create Your Own Book, and Storytelling. Each grade level will have differentiated fun and games activities that promote the development of reading skills and instill to them the love of learning through books.

  1. During this event, each class will have the following activities:

○ The librarians will coordinate with the English Teachers all necessary materials needed for

preparation during the RTC.

○ English Teachers will remind the students to wear their entry in the Book Character Costume Contest per class. Orientation and other information will be given by the English Teachers before the actual event.

○ During their English class, the following programme will be implemented:

■ ATTENDANCE : Show their Book Character Costume and their brief explanation of their

chosen costume.


● Grade 1 : Storytelling c/o Adarna Publication and Book Character Coloring


● Grade 2: Bookmark Making Contest

● Grade 3 : Book Cover Design Contest

● Grade 4-6 : Create your Own Book Contest using Book Creator Application

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