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Library Rules and Regulations

  1.   1. The No ID / No Entry policy is strictly implemented

  2. The official LSM ID Card serves as a library pass and borrower’s card.


  3. Lost ID Card must be reported immediately. The student will be held accountable and responsible for any library materials issued                under his name. 


  4. Lending of ID Card for purposes of any library activity (entrance to the library, borrowing books for others, use of Cyber Nook                      terminals,etc.) is strictly prohibited.

  5. Borrowing Privileges:


       a. Circulation / Fiction books- three (3) days to one (1) week


       b. Filipiniana / Kiddie books-one (1) day to three (3) days depending on the number of copies available


       c. Reserved books- ‘for overnight use only.’ They can be taken out at dismissal time and should be returned the following day at                       recess time.


                     Penalty for Overdue Books:

                              Circulation / Filipiniana / Kiddie Books      :  Php 5.00 per day

                              Reserved Books                                        :        3.00 per hour                          


  6. Lost Books


       a. The borrower should notify the librarians if the book is lost.  Overdue fines will continue to be assessed until notification is received.               One (1) week will be given to the borrower to find a lost book.


       b. All library patrons, including faculty members, are responsible for the replacement of lost books plus the accumulated overdue fines.


       c. A lost book must be replaced with the same title, edition, and author.  If the first condition is not possible, a book on the same                      subject or closely related subject may serve as a replacement provided that it is hardbound and the most recent edition.


       d. Replacement charges must be paid for each lost book.


  7. Deportment 


       a. Silence must be properly observed and maintained at all times.  Noisy students will be dealt with accordingly.


       b. Sleeping, eating and littering are strictly prohibited


       c. Any act of vandalism on any IMC property will be reported immediately to the Assistant Principal on Discipline (APD) for proper                  action.


       d. The librarian will report to the APD any untoward or uncalled behavior shown / committed by a student inside the IMC learning                   areas for appropriate disciplinary action.



  8. Internet Services


       The Library offers INTERNET access to meet the educational needs of the LSM community.  Although it is a powerful tool in finding    information, it should not be a substitute to other library research materials. Researchers are encouraged to use critical judgment in evaluating the validity of materials accessed and retrieved information must be properly cited to give credit to the author. Internet terminal users are required to:


       a. Submit the LSM Identification Card and get a Cyber Nook ID to the librarian


       b. Use of the computer is on a ‘first come-first served basis.’


       c. Internet terminals can be used for data searches and retrieval for academic and research purposed only.


       d. Accessing sites, which are not research-related, is strictly prohibited including:

  • chatting

  • games

  • entertainment

  • social networking


        e. Use of USB is not allowed.


       f. Return the Cyber Nook ID to the librarian and get your LSM ID.


       i. Computers are shut down at 4:00 pm.




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