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Audio-Visual Library Rules and Regulations



       a. Teachers are allowed to borrow AV materials and viewing equipment.


       b. Borrowed materials should be returned after the viewing schedule.


       c. Overdue notices will remind teachers to return their loaned AV materials.




       a. One (1) week will be given to the borrower to find lost instructional materials.


       b. Failure to return loaned materials after a week will be declared lost and should be paid based on its current price.


       c. Replacement may be accepted provided it is a new edition or it bears the same copyright date of the lost AV material.


       d. Teachers will be denied of his privileges in the AV Center if he has unsettled accounts.






       a. Every classroom is equipped with:


  •  LCD Projector / TV MONITOR                        

  • Overhead Projector                                             
  • Projection Screen                                                  

  • OHP/LCD/CPU cabinet                                         

  • Audiovisual Kit

    • Remote control

    • RGB Cable

    • HDMI Cable

    • VGA Cable

    • Audio Cable

    • AV Equipment Monitoring Form

    • Extension Cord

    • Keys                                                    

       b. The Class together with their respective Adviser is responsible for the upkeep of the AV Kit. The Class Auditor gets them from the AV Library in the morning and returns them thereafter.


       c. The use of AV Kit is exclusive ONLY for the classroom to where they are assigned. Bringing them outside of the assigned classroom is strictly prohibited. The teacher is expected to entrust them to the care of the Class President/Auditor every after use.


  4. AV EQUIPMENT Logbook



       a. The Class Auditor records and monitors the daily use of equipment. He sees to it that every subject teacher signs the AV EQUIPMENT MONITORING LOGBOOK every after use.


  • The Logbook, then, is submitted to the AV Librarian at the end of each term for record-keeping.


  • The teacher/adviser and the Class President see to it that all AV equipment is appropriately turned off every dismissal time.


  5. Loss and damages



  • Damaged equipment should be reported immediately to the AV Librarian.


  • Expenses for repair from damages caused by misuse or mishandling will be accounted for by the class.


  • Frequent reports of improper use of AV equipment will mean removing the equipment from the classroom.  The class then is required to borrow such equipment from the AV Librarian when needed.


  • Damages done intentionally will be dealt with according to the provisions of the Policies in Discipline


  • The class is also held responsible for replacing lost or damaged AV equipment.





  • The inventory of equipment is done regularly by the AV Librarian at the start and end of every academic year. Every class, with their respective adviser, is expected to turn all AV Equipment along with the AV Monitoring Logbook over to the AV Library at the end of each academic year as this forms part of their requirement for clearance.   

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